La Vaca Argentina

In Honor of the Argentinean Pampas

At the Asador La Vaca Argentina you will enjoy a tour of the gastronomy of the sky blue and white region, guided by an authentic gaucho.

We are characterized by Quality

The meats that you consume are from purebred steers with a maximum weight of 420 kilos. Our extensive wine cellar offers wines from the five continents and is rigorously kept at a temperature of 18 degrees.

La Vaca Argentina

SINCE 2005

The Asador La Vaca Argentina opened its doors in the month of September, this restaurant known as Vaca Pergolas, located in Tomas V. Gomez # 25 in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, is part of the Corporate Group Sacromonte. Gómez # 25 in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, is part of the Corporativo Grupo Sacromonte, and thanks to the acceptance for the first quality food to its diners, today we are 10 Asador La Vaca Argentina Restaurants, five of them in the Guadalajara area: Vaca Pérgolas, Vaca Pedro Moreno, Vaca Picacho, Vaca Andares, Vaca Gourmetería; and five more foreign ones: Vaca Saltillo, Vaca Puerto Vallarta, Vaca Monterrey, Vaca León and Vaca Torre Macanar.

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